SDE Lighting offers services for all types of parties, Weddings, Sweet 16s, Corporate Events, etc.

Our main services are: Uplighting, Club Lighting (Intelligent Lighting), Pin Spotting and Gobo & Monogram projection.

If you are looking for a DJ service with lighting or for Corporate AV services, please visit our Sound Defying Entertainment Website.


Uplighting is one of the most popular ways to give your Wedding, Sweet 16, or other event something extra special.

Imagine dancing the night away under a cool blue glow, maybe a mix of pink and purple, or any other color you can think of.

For an extra fun effect opt for Controlled Uplighting. This is where our lighting technician will control the lights when the dancing starts to transform the whole room into the party atmosphere.

 Gobos & Monograms


Nothing has more class than you and your future husband/wife’s name in calligraphy or in a monogram.

Think about a Sweet 16, as the guests walk in your daughter’s name is projected onto the floor or wall welcoming everyone.

Dance Floor Wash


A Dance Floor Wash is a great addition to an uplighting package. It adds a little something special to the dance floor and can help the photographer take some really great shots.

In tents and other locations with high ceiling we recommend considering a ceiling wash (in a pattern or a color) to give an extra wow.

Pin Spotting

So you are spending hundreds on each centerpiece, and they look amazing? Well in a dark room no one will notice. With pin spotting they’ll really stand out.

What about your cake? Pin spotting will make it stand out as guests enter the room.

Intelligent Lighting


Intelligent Lighting is a great way to give your Prom, Sweet 16, Wedding or other event a dance club atmosphere.

Imagine a spot light on you during your first dance as husband and wife, which then slowly lights the whole room at the conclusion of your dance.
Intelligent lights are computer controlled lighting, we do not just turn them on, we control them the whole evening, everything from color to direction, to shape and much more.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is a popular option to place behind a head table, or to help create a “make-shift” stage area for presentations.

Drapes are most often in Black or White, but are available in other colors as well.